The Noir Art Collective: The OG Paetron

The Noir Art Collective: The OG Paetron

There’s nothing more uplifting than knowing you’ve got a group of people supporting you in your creative journey. I know some people may not have the same support system cheering them on, and that’s why I decided to start my own Patreon. I would like to introduce you to The Noir Art Collective. This is a virtual community for Black artists of all creative disciplines to learn, network, ask questions, but most importantly, grow into the amazing artist you want to be! I have been working diligently to come up with a space where artists such as yourself can develop their skills while creating some dope art along the way. 

I’ve been in this art business for a few years and I have definitely learned a great deal about how to run a successful art business, the do’s and don'ts of in-person markets, developing your art style, and so much more. Sure, I could start a YouTube channel or post about it on social media, but there’s nothing like having a special, exclusive place where like-minded individuals can get together, share ideas, and truly support each other. These are just a few of the ways The Noir Art Collective is going to help shape and support creatives. Besides, what’s the point of having access to this knowledge if I’m not willing to share it with my colleagues?

Here are some of the features and benefits of joining this community. Check them out below:

Monthly Features

Monthly Live Co-Working Session: I’ll be hosting 2-3 hour live coworking sessions. This will allow you to work on creative projects with other members and get real-time feedback or guidance. 

Monthly "Draw with Me" Session: We’ll choose specific topics/themes to draw during this 1-hour session and we can follow along, share our results, and learn how to draw together! No worries if you can’t make it - this will be recorded! You’ll be able to revisit all of our lessons during your free time.

Monthly Newsletter: “The Noir News” newsletter (still working out the kinks, don’t judge me) will provide upcoming events, topics for the group, and important announcements.

Business Opportunities

Art Business Insights: Myself and members of my Roundtable team will share tips, advice, and insights into running an art business. This will be through short video clips, written posts, workshops, and even live Q&A sessions.

Guest Expert Sessions: I’ll invite subject matter experts from various fields to share their knowledge and insights. This could include creative marketing experts, legal experts for creatives, or others.

Artists on the Go

Exclusive Discounts: I’ll be offering discounts on my site, OG Identity, for any creative merchandise and I’ll be sharing your discount codes in the Patreon as well to encourage members to support your art business.

Early Access to Recorded Sessions: Before I share my recorded videos to the main OG Identity website, you and other members will get early access to purchase recorded sessions before they are available to the public.

Community and Involvement

Community Engagement: There will be creative challenges, money-making challenges, fun posts, and other topics on the Patreon feed for you to communicate in the comments. Community and belonging will be huge, so be ready to talk it up! 

Networking Opportunities: Our Discord server is exclusively for members to connect, share their work, ask questions, and network with fellow creatives. Challenges will also take place there as well. 

Polls and Feedback: Your voice actually matters when you join, so be ready to vote on future topics, themes, or experts to be featured in the program.

…and this is just the beginning! The monthly pricing is based on tiers which range from $5 to $15 which is affordable if I do say so myself, and some of the best pricing you’ll find for features you’re gaining here! 

On a more personal level, I want every Black artist and creative reader to understand that this isn’t just “any old Pateron group”. It means the world to me to give back to my community and help out those artists who are feeling lost or confused in their creative process. Whether you’re self-taught or have a creative degree we know how difficult it is to get started in anything - I want to make the journey a little easier. I’m ready to put in the work! If you are too, I urge you to join this group today and share it with your favorite Black creatives!

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