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Cute stickers

Love the stickers have them on my laptop

Great products

Will definitely be purchasing more items from this business

Stay Focused Die Cut Sticker | Full Body Sticker | Black Girl Stickers

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Now this gurl here is giving bougie and brains! Which definitely represents me! Even though this may be a "little bookmark" to others but to me it truly represents me. This bookmark has great quality and makes reading even more enjoyable.

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This bookmark is my most fav thus far! It not only helps me keep my place in the book I'm reading but it also represents me from the phrase down to the beautifully drawn woman. The quality is great and I don't have to worry about any of my coffee ruining my bookmark because it is laminated, unlike the other bookmarks I've had in the past.

Ruby Red Die Cut Sticker | Black Girl Stickers | Women with Locs | Red Locs


This is one of my favorite sticker sheets that OG offers. The girl is so pretty! And the velvety texture of it is so smooth and just feels good. I was able to easily reposition this on my journal (mistakes were made. Lol), and the paper didn’t rip or peel. Perfection.

So Cute!

I love this sticker sheet! I love the variety of sizes and colors that are on here. Quality is amazing. And of course, the artwork is beautiful!

Beautiful Sticker!

This sticker is SO pretty. I love the colors, the hair, the dark skin. The artwork is simply beautiful. LOVE. Not only that, but the quality is really good. The paper is nice and thick and glossy. The sticker is easy to peel from the backing. There hasn’t been any lifting since I’ve applied it to my journal. Overall excellent sticker!

Love this shirt!

Beautiful and high quality shirt! The message is on point as well!

Dope Black woman sticker!

I love this message and sticker! I have ordered a few of these, 1 for myself and others to gift to other black women!

Friday Freebie: A Good Day Printable
Ebony Payton

Such a lovely gift to your followers. Thank you so much!

Friday Freebie: A Good Day Printable
Claudia Miller
A Nice Offer

Thank you for the nice gesture.

Love Them!!

Finally some realistic stickers that look like me and all my homegirls! The representation is long overdue. The quality is great and the customer service was on point. Will purchase again.